2013 Women's Winter Retreat - NC
Songs by Kathy Pittman:
        "O' Sacred Heart" & Psalm 139 Never Alone"

2013 Women's Winter Retreat - NH
Anne Gray "Exfoliate in the Desert Sand"
Fr. Eric Delisle "God Are You There?"
Karen Brouilette "Drink Deeply From the Springs of Living Water"
Marie Thibodeau with Anne Gray singing  "Evening Reflection for Streams in the Desert Retreat"

2012 Women's Winter Retreat - NH
Leila Lawler "The Creative Woman"
Danielle Bean "Woodland Flowers, Hidden Beauty"
Danielle Bean "Breathing the Fragrance of Christ into the World"

Fr. Andrew Beauregard  FPO "The Catholic Church and Signs"

2012 Women's Winter Retreat - NC
"Prayer and Fitness" - Peggy Bowes, author of The Rosary Workout book
"The Power of the Eucharist in Our Daily Lives" - Jackie Lonnecker

2012 Couples Retreat
"Prayer in Marriage" - Justine and Joe Dufour
"The Role of Affection in Marriage" - Amy and Mo Rondeau

I Thirst - 2011 Women's Winter Retreat

Benedictine Monastery at Still River, MA
Friday night speaker will be Fr. Marc Montminy formerly of St. Marie's Parish in Manchester, Nh.
Saturday's speaker will be Fr. Michael Gaitley of the Marians and author of Consoling the Heart of Jesus.
****2011 Women's retreat MP3's
"Reflections" - Fr Marc Montminy
"Becoming a Saint through Divine Mercy" - Fr. Michael Gaitley
"Consoling the Heart of Jesus" - Fr. Michael Gaitley

****2011 Couples retreat
"Pray Every Day" - Dick and Peg Pietrowski
"Eliminate Negativity/Accentuate Love" - Annette and Dennis Werger (sorry, this one failed to record)
"Forgive!" - Kimberly and Tom Pierog
"Appreciation and Affection" - Tricia and Mark Dwyer (only half of this one recorded)

****2010 Couples retreat
"Prayer" - Ryan & Jen Harrington (not complete-beginning is missing)
"Eliminating Negativity" - Deacon Ray and Gayle Marcotte
"Forgiveness" - Mark & Monique Niemaszyk
"Affection & Appreciation" - Mike & Sue Levesque

****2010 Winter retreat
"Perfect love drives out fear"-Marie
"Tea Time"-Fr. Peter
"What if"-Fr. John Grace
"Witness Talk"-Lisa Notini
"Walk on Water"-Fr Roger Lamoureux

****2009 Fall retreat
“If Only I Could Touch His Cloak”
- presented by Donna Marie Cooper O'Boyle
“Guiding Others to Christ's Cloak”
- presented by Donna Marie Cooper O'Boyle

****2009 Winter retreat
Link to the 2009 winter retreat
- presented by Brother Matthew

Something to read:
Tender Mercy  - by Amy Fahey